OVH is a professional cloud hosting service, they provide hosting solutions in over 140 countries worldwide

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Purchasing VPS

Purchasing OVH VPS Server(shows plans)

Purchase your VPS

  • Navigate to

  • Select the plan that best suits your bots needs (for a basic command bot the cheaper $3/$6 with (1vCore, 2GB ram, 20/40GB storage, 250mbps) plan will due

Customizing server upgradable details

Customize your server

  • Here you will customize your server details for your bot hosting

  • In the "choose your images" select "Distribution Only" as we will not need any of there pre installed tools

  • Operating system: Ubuntu and choose the latest version as of this tutorial it is [21.10]

List of server locations

Choose Server Location

Here you can choose the location and quantity of servers you would like them be hosted, if you have more users in a specified area its better to place your server in that area for the best results

Optional add-ons for server(backup, storage & snapshot)

Additional Add-ons

Here you may choose to add backup, snapshot, or additional storage we will skip this for the tutorial

(can be added later)

Shows confirmation screen

Confirm and Pay

Once your login and pay you will be sent an email with your SSH login details

shows OVH dashboard example

OVH Dashboard

Now you will be able to access and see important information about your server

Updating VPS (Dashboard)

Starting up KVM Control Panel

Starting KVM

KVS allows you to control your server without the need of a 3rd party SSH client but can be slower

Under "Name" click the 3 dots and select KVM

KVM SSH Control panel

KVM Panel

  • Click enter to enter login details

  • Enter your username

  • Enter you password

  • Type the word "Clear" to clear the screen

Update Server using KVM Control Panel

Update Server

To update the server type: sudo apt-get update

It will ask for your sudo(admin) password

You may have to type Y and click enter for some updates

Upgrade System OS using KVM Control Panel

Upgrade Server

To Upgrade your server to the latest OS Type: sudo apt-get upgrade

enter your sudo(admin) password and type Y to any updates

Updating VPS (Putty)

Putty SSH Software

  • For host enter your servers IP Address from the dashboard

  • Port: 22 (default ssh port)

  • You can save by typing a name in the saved sessions and click Save

  • Click open at the bottom

Putty Login Screen

  • Enter your username

  • Enter your password (will be invisible)

Server Update

  • Enter the command:

sudo apt-get update

VPS Upgrade

  • Enter the command

sudo apt-get upgrade

A VPS will allow you to host your Discord Bot and files in a reliable 99% uptime based server so you do not have the worry of loosing your bot service or data.