ProNotes Android Application

ProNotes android note-taking application

We have been working hard to bring you the app you all will love, we hope you will give our latest note-taking app a try!


- Quickly add/modify notes without hassle

- Pin all your favorite notes to the top

- Quickly locate notes with our search option

- Hide/Unhide notes from nosey eyes

- Lock notes from being modified by others

- Modify your note's background color to be any static color or change it automatically 

- Insert a drawing or image right into your note

- Create customized groups to keep your notes organized 

- Backup and restore all notes online using your email

- Add important notes to your device home screen with our new widget

Coming Soon:

- Accidentally delete a note well don't worry check the trash!

If you would like to contribute or have suggestions find us on our Github link above!

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