Moradi Notepad

An advanced notepad software for all your daily needs  | Matthew Moradi

About Moradi Notepad

This software is being developed primarily for Moradi OS. Feel absolutely inclined to give feedback and suggestions.

The Moradi Notepad is the only notepad you need. Tired of plain old Windows Notepad? Well, be tired no longer because Moradi Notepad is here! Christmas Theme? Yeah, we got that. Sometimes when you're having a lot of fun time could pass by in a blink of an eye, so for your convenience we included a precision digital clock to keep track of your valuable time. "Hey Moradi Notepad, do you have customizable fonts and symbols"- Yes, we do have that! "I bet Moradi Notepad doesn't have customizable backgrounds and colored text." Well sir, if you bet that you would be out some cash because we do have that! Feeling homesick about Windows Notepad? These major advancements to much for you? Well, we got you because we now include a Windows Notepad theme to help with your big transition into the future. As I was saying, your time is very valuable and this is why we implemented an easy access toolbar for very quick idea development, unlike plain old Windows Notepad. "In Windows Notepad, I could not find an easy way to center my text. Does anyone know how?" Well, all you gotta do is click that red "X" in the corner of the screen and go install Moradi Notepad! We have included quick access text alignment on your toolbar! Don't be that guy or gal or maybe apache helicopter who always asks for the date in class. May the days of not knowing what day it is be over! Moradi Notepad can input the exact date and time quickly and easily anywhere on your Moradi masterpiece. "Whoa there! You forgot to save that!" To ensure the safety of your project we make sure you never forget to save while closing so you never lose that essay that is due tomorrow but you barely started. Can't find that quote you wrote earlier? No worries, Moradi Notepad has a find icon that highlights words that you search for in your essay! The only question you should be asking yourself now is "why haven't I got Moradi Notepad yet?"


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